Stay Cozy and Kawaii! Wear a Kotatsu This Winter!

Stay Cozy and Kawaii! Wear a Kotatsu This Winter!

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From BIBI LAB®, the company that combined Japanese schoolgirl fashion and comfort with their line of Sera Kore fleece seifuku-themed room wear, comes the latest evolution! Wrap yourself in Self Kotatsu Kiru Mōfu (Self Kotatsu Wearable Blanket) and stay warm and cozy this winter in the cutest wearable blanket in the land!


From skirt that mimics the futon on a kotatsu to the high collar and hood, any body heat is kept from escaping during a long cold winter. The Self Kotatsu Kiru Mōfu is made out of machine-washable fleece, comes in pink, black, or beige, and includes a mobile device pocket to facilitate hours of lazing around the house. For an added layer of protection from the cold, it can be paired with the Damegi Socks to keep your feet warm.


Why not look stylish, stay warm, and save electricity this winter with the Self Kotatsu Kiru Mōfu?


It’s available on now:

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Self Kotatsu Kiru Mōfu Official site:

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