The World’s First Fundoshi Fashion Show: Beautiful Models Wearing Loincloth

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The World’s First Fundoshi Fashion Show: Beautiful Models Wearing Loincloth

On October 29th 2017, many people gathered in Shibuya to attend “Fundoshi (loincloth) Fashion Festival”. At the festival, the world’s first fundoshi fashion show and a contest to see who can take off their fundoshi in the fastest and the most beautiful way were held.

Fundoshi_Fashion show_2017_001

What is Fundoshi anyways? It is a Japanese traditional underwear originally for men which is said to be used from 1400 years ago. The company “Fundoshibu” aims to produce and sell fundoshi designed for both men and women to the world. Fundoshi Fashion Festival was held by this company as a step for a further growth.

The fashion show was composed of 5 themes; Japonism, Street Mix, Luxury Mode, Deformed Couture and Futuristic. The audience was expecting to see the typical red and white fundoshi, but they were amazed by the surprises brought by the unique designed fundoshis. The beautiful models wearing varieties of fundoshis walked the runway with confidence and dignity which took the breath of the audience.

Fundoshi_Fashion show_2017_007


Fundoshi_Fashion show_2017_014

Fundoshi_Fashion show_2017_010

After the show, it was the contest. 9 men gathered from all over the Japan to compete against each other to see who is best at taking off the fundoshi. The judges were Tanoshingo, a comedian/therapist and Tomohiro Nagatsuka, an Olympic medalist of cycling. The contest had three parts including the competition of time, beauty and ideas. Turning the serious atmosphere from the fashion show into a fun and humorous one, the 9 men with beautifully trained body filled the audience with laughter and applause.

 Fundoshi_Fashion show_2017_013


Fundoshi_Fashion show_2017_017

The CEO of Fundoshibu, Mr. Hoshino ended the festival saying that he hopes to produce the coolest fundoshi brand and get rid of the common underwear.


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