Enjoy the Sweetest Photo Spots at TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND

Enjoy the Sweetest Photo Spots at TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND
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When it comes to making an attractive social media feed, food is always a popular ingredient. Combine it with photogenic spots, and you have a recipe for Insta-worthy success. Take a train to Yokohama and you can just do that at the “TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND” pop-up event. Their space in the Colette Mare shopping mall has transformed into a pink wonderland of giant ice cream and adorable life-sized props, to feed your “Insta-bae” needs till May 27 2018.


Once you enter the room you’ll find a pink ball pit that will make you want to jump in immediately. There are giant balloon ice creams and doughnuts that look delicious enough to eat and more than photogenic enough to take hundreds of photos with. It’s big enough to fit more than one, so this is the perfect place for group shots!


Of course, there’s a giant ice cream for you to sit on too. In front of the sweet pink wall, it’s both a simple and cute photo spot as well as a symbol of TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND. This ice cream might look like it’s melting, but rest assured you can sit on it long enough to get several pictures in.


When you want a rest, this swing will be ready for you—and still lovely enough to serve as a fun photo prop. The ice cream pattern on the walls surrounding it just makes everything look even more delicious.


Get some quirky back-to-school vibes with this fun set of pink lockers that look like they came straight out of a school set. There are even mirrors hidden behind the locker doors so you can do a quick check in between poses. If that’s not all, there’s even a pink shopping cart filled with ice cream and popsicle plush toys for you to play with.


Don’t forget to take a picture under the TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND sign on your way out! It’s a one-of-a-kind space that you can’t find anywhere else so make sure to get all the souvenir shots you can.


TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND presents a variety of photogenic spots that are both surrealistic and adorable all in one place. With the theme of ice cream and bright colors, it’s hard to resist this girly dream of a photo opportunity.

Many girls posted on SNS!

Photos by Sharuru

Dates: April 28 2018 (Saturday) till May 27 2018 (Sunday)
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (May 7 till May 27)
Entry fee: ¥1000
TOKYO ICE CREAM LAND Official Twitter:

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Tokyo Ice Cream Land
Address : 1-1-7 Colette Mare 1F, Sakuragicho, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 231-0062
Nearest Station : Sakuragicho



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