Personal Information Policy

Article 1: Acquisition and Storage of Personal Information

In order that the company can provide the user with valuable information through Tokyo Girls’ Update (henceforth, the service) the following information is captured and stored during use of the service.

・User behaviour while using the service including viewing and purchase history.
・The Facebook account information of the user (user account name, email address, date of birth, gender, Facebook account profile photo), in the event that the user connects their Facebook account to the account of Tokyo Girls’ Update.
・ Server Information
Specific server log information is automatically captured while the user is using the service. This may include but is not limited to search keywords, details of the use of the service including viewed pages, IP address, monitor event information (browser type, browser language, dates of user requests, referring URL, etc), Cookies which can identify the user’s browser and account, and pixel tag information.
Users can disable Cookies in their browsers. Please note however that this may prevent users from using all or part of the website service.

*In the event of acquisition and storage of personal information outside of that outlined above the reason for use will be disclosed to the user at the time of acquisition and agreement will be obtained from the user.

Article 2: Reasons for Use of Personal Information
The company uses the personal data it acquires for the following reasons.
(1) Supplying personalized digital content to the user (e.g. more relevant content and advertising).
(2) User behaviour analysis (web viewing data, other data captured by the company and results of integrated analysis – henceforth referred to as behaviour analysis), the planning and development of new products and services based on the results of such, and supply of information assets to partner businesses.
(3) Supplying the user with more interesting information in a more timely manner, through promotional campaigns and introductions to services based on the behaviour analysis outlined in the preceding item.
(4) Responding to contact and complaints from the user in an appropriate manner.
(5) Operations relating to transferring to new programs, etc in the event of cessation of the service or operations.
(6) Supplying information to other parties as outlined in Article 4 of this policy.
(7) Any other operation of the company, related to that which is outlined above.

Article 3: Handling of Personal Information
The company takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information under its management is correct and up to date. Further, it puts in place necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss and damage and otherwise ensure safe management and strict confidentiality of personal information.

Article 4: Supply of Personal Information to Third Parties
1.The company retains the right to supply personal information acquired by the service to third parties and takes it that the user agrees with this. While the company takes all reasonable steps to place the user in a position such that he/she is aware of the type of third party, the context of supply and their reasons for use it does not accept responsibility for disclosing all information related to the user.
2. The company may entrust all or part of the personal information acquired by the service to a subcontractor. In such a case the company will direct the subcontractor in the required and appropriate measures for the safe management of personal information.

Article 5: Disclosure, Revision, and Cessation of Use of Retained Personal Data
1. In the event that personal information accumulated on this service falls under the category of retained personal data the relevant user or his/her representative (legal representative or representative entrusted with such authority) may request notification of the reasons for use, or disclosure, revision, cessation of use, or deletion of such personal information.
2. When making such a request please make contact using the address given in the following article. Please note that any documents sent in making the request will not be returned.
3. In the unlikely event that the retained personal data applicable to the request for disclosure, revision, or cessation of use, etc is not correct the company will take prompt steps to either correct or delete the relevant data.
4. Please note that there may be some instances where it is not legally possible to comply with a request for disclosure, revision, or cessation of use, etc.
5. There is a processing fee for notification of reasons for use and disclosure of retained personal data. For more details please contact this service using the address given in the following article.

Article 6: Contact Regarding Personal Information
Requests for disclosure, revision, or cessation of use, etc of retained personal data, and other contact or comments regarding personal information should be directed to the following address:
User Dept
(Weekdays 10:00-19:00, excluding public holidays)