Museums Known to Those in the Know: Weird & Unforgettable Experiences Await!

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Museums Known to Those in the Know: Weird & Unforgettable Experiences Await!

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It’s always important to learn the history and cultures of the country you’re visiting. Museums are the best places for that, but not everyone likes going there because sometimes it gets boring. However, it’s because you don’t know other museums that are super epic. Whether you like visiting museums or not, here are some of the weird and interesting museums you should visit! They won’t bore you for sure!

Miraikan in Aomi

Starting with a typical but exciting one! Here in Miraikan, people think about what is happening in the world through the perspective of science and talk about the future we will create. Adding to the exhibits, there are many events such as talk sessions and workshops to experience the on-going development of science technologies in various categories.

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Reading Glasses Museum in Ikebukuro

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This is not really a museum, but it is worth visiting! The wall covered with thousands of glasses is instagram-worthy. If it’s your first time to visit the shop, you can get a free pair of glasses. It used to be a garage for wholesaler of glasses, but it was renovated and became an outlet for reading glasses in 2009. It is said to be the cheapest glasses store in Japan, so you can get a pair of reading glasses from 48 yen (about¢40).

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Samurai is not just a soldier. They are supported by the “Na koso oshikere” spirit which respects their pride. This aesthetic of Samurai spirit is also shown in the swords and armors Samurai wore. In this museum, you can feel the spirit which still exists among Japanese.

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Currency Museum in Nihombashi

Currency Museum, Tokyo – 貨幣博物館

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This museum is run by the Bank of Japan. They have collections of currency from 7th century till now, and you can learn the history as well. There is a spot where you can experience the weight of the box of 1000 ryou in Edo period and 100 million yen ($900 thousand). Although it is for free, the exhibits are substantial.

Official Website (English):


Tatoo Museum in Yokohama

You can see the collections of tattoo cultures all over the world as well as its history and manners. They were collected by Horiyoshi III, a world class tattoo artist. The ticket is 1000 yen, including the scarf designed by Horiyoshi III.

Official Website:

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Yashio Hihou Kan in Saitama

Yoshitaka Hyoudou is an artist who loves sex dolls. He was collecting the dolls at his house, and it eventually became a museum full of them. Although it may seem creepy, his art has great reviews all over the world. The photo exhibition of the dolls was held several times as well. The atmosphere is created with great details. Hyoudou collected the items from hospitals and through auctions. This is definitely recommended if you want to experience something unique and crazy.

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Pachinko Museum in Saitama

パチンコ博物館 その2

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Have you ever tried Pachinko? It is a Japanese mechanical game which is sort of like gambling. It first started in 1930, and it was banned during the war time but started again after the war was over. In this museum, you can learn the history of how Pachinko evolved. Right now, the standard pachinko is all mechanical, but back them, it was by hand. They have several pachinko machines from Shouwa period, so you can try the old way of enjoying Pachinko!

Official Website:


Maboroshi Hakurankai in Shizuoka

Its theme is a “Kimo-kawaii” paradise where everyone can be “easy-going” with innocent smiles. It’s hard to describe this museum with words. It could be categorized as cute, scary, fancy, fun, weird… and more. There should be a new category called “Maboroshi Hakurankai”. The director of this museum is Se-ra-chan, who is often dancing at the entrance to greet the visitors. There are three sister shops in Shizukoka for you to check out!

Official Website:


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