Combat Uniform for Kyaba Jyo! The World of Kyaba Dress

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Combat Uniform for Kyaba Jyo! The World of Kyaba Dress

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Walking in a red-light district in Japan, such as Kabukicho in Tokyo, you’re more than likely to come across signs of glam photos of dressed up women. These are called “kyabakura”. Kyabakura is short for “cabaret club”’ which is a compound word made up of “Cabaret” and “Club”. Ladies who work at these clubs are called “Kyabakura Jyo” which is often shortened to “Kyaba Jyo”.


source: PAKUTASO

Kaybakura is the place that kyaba jyo will accompany you at a table and chat with you. Usually, Japanese business men spend their time at these clubs after work. A customer can request specific kyaba jyo to keep company when seeing the attractive lady is sitting at another table in the club. Another cost is charged if he requests specific kyaba jyo. This request is called ”shimei”. The charge is called “shimei ryo” which is translated to nomination fee or request fee in English. The customer actually talked to the kyaba jyo and if he liked her, he will come back to the club again.


source: pixabay

Dresses are their combat uniforms

Kyaba jyo usually make a commission depending on how much they get shiemi.
They are trying so hard to get as much shimei as they can each day inside the club. Kyabakura is almost like the battlefield for them. Dresses could be said to be their combat uniforms. These dresses are called, “kyaba dress”.

Choose a dress by “women’s weapon”

Tika is one of Japanese kyaba dress stores, they classify dresses by “women’s weapons” on their website to make it easier for you to choose a perfect dress. Emphasizing the body parts which you are confident about is make you look even more attractive.


source: Tika


source: Tika

For example, if your breasts are big and attractive, get something like this!


source: Tika

If your back is beautiful.


source: Tika

Kyaba dress evolution! Getting more accessible to everyone

Until a couple of years ago, kyaba jyo more likely to wear long dresses and it was pretty unusual to wear them outside of the clubs. But recently, these dresses have progressed. Now they are much more stylish.Kyaba dress is getting popular among regular Japanese ladies as well.

Tika is popular among Japanese gyaru right now because they sell collaborated dresses with various popular gyaru models
Many kyaba dresses are sold here, but it is not just for kyaba jyo but for regular people as well. They buy for parties and events and whatnot.

As a matter of fact, I bought a dress at Tika a few weeks ago. Obviously, I’m not a Kyaba jyo but I got it for the party I was invited!

I believe this phenomenon should be recognized as one major move in the Japanese fashion industry.

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