Fire and Ice!! An Explosion of Sweetness Served Daily at Cafe Lumiere in Kichijoji!

Fire and Ice!! An Explosion of Sweetness Served Daily at Cafe Lumiere in Kichijoji!
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Kichijoji has the reputation as “the town where young people would most like to live the most in Tokyo”, a saying which has recently become an overused cliché. You can see tons of fashion shops, variety goods stores, and a gathering space for subculture and underground culture artists, representing the diverse culture of the area. Food is one of the hottest trends now, bringing Shibasaki-chan, Kurumi Nakata, and Ai Matsumoto to Kichijoji on a quest to find the rare sweets that have been causing a buzz.

The distinctive features of these popular sweets are “burning”, “cold”, and “sugary”. Running around and asking various passersby, some answered, “It might be Malasada!”, while others suggested “It must be a spicy Mexican hotdog!” However, none of them were the right answer, causing much frustration as they kept searching for the rumored sweets! Just as they were about to give up, they found a burning Kakigori shop!! “This is what we are looking for!”, shouted Shibasaki-chan. This shop is Cafe Lumiere, which is three minutes away from the Kichijoji station by foot. From there, they proceeded to the fourth floor where the café is located.



Here in this café, there is a comfortable sofa and a large shaved ice machine on the counter. Looking at the menu, the words “Moeru Kakigori (Burning Kakigori)” popped out immediately, the three hungry girls ordered it without looking at anything else on the menu. The manager then served up a strange kakigori which is coated in meringue. When he ignited it, a flame flared up due to the coating around the meringue being covered in rum. So, the “Moeru Kakigori” of this café is delightful to see. Furthermore, the taste is also quite different than other kakigori.






Scooping up the meringue, the strawberry jam and caramel syrup below are revealed. This jam is stewed for a long time by the chef and with this sweetness, the kakigori shocks the tongue with its rich combination of flavors. Tasting this ingredient which the chef has a strong preference in, Kurumi commented, “Perfect! This kakigori is CHAMPION!!”. She looks so happy.




Only 10 orders of the Moeru Kakigori are made each day. You must go to Cafe Lumiere right away to experience these miraculous sweets.

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Cafe Lumiere
Address : Higasiyama Bld., Kichijoji Minamicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo,
Nearest Station : Kichijoji
TEL : 050-5570-2071



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