For Comfort on a Budget; GU’s PJs Are Popular Among Japanese Girls

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For Comfort on a Budget; GU’s PJs Are Popular Among Japanese Girls

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If you’re currently sleeping in old jogging bottoms and a miss-matching t-shirt, it is a great opportunity to invest in some nice sleepwear when you visit Japan. For comfort on a budget, I highly recommend to check out PJs at Japanese fast-fashion retailer, GU.


I believe most of you already know about UNIQLO which is a global fast fashion retailer but probably, GU is not as well known as UNIQLO yet.
GU is a sister brand of UNIQLO and surprisingly, most of their product are even lower priced than UNIQLO. Despite low prices, their quality is still good as UNIQLO and design are brimming with a playful spirit. There are about 370 stores across the country, also a few stores in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Recently, among Japanese young women, GU pajamas are gaining popularity.
TinaTamashiro appeared as a model in their last fall and winter collection, 2017.

Japanese teenagers are like to match their PJs with their friends when they have slumber parties or especially when they go on a school trip!
They buy the same kind of PJs in different colors to look like twins.

GU has an excellent selection of nightwear, ranging from satin PJs to pile dresses.
So it is popular not only among teenagers but also women of all ages.

I went to GU Ginza store; which is one of the “large” stores in Japan, in order to check out what’s on their top-shelf right now.



As you can see, all the PJs are neatly displayed, well presented. Here are 3 popular PJs according to the online sales ranking.

This ranking is made around the end of May 2018.

1: Pajama [satin] shorts [¥2,490]GU_PJs_pajama05
This set is both stylish and cozy. Perfect fit for women of all ages with its simple design. Summer is steaming hot in Japan. Personally, I’m unable to sleep at night without turning on the air conditioner. So this satin material lets you feel as cool as possible.

2: Pile pajama dress [¥1,990]

Keep things cute and comfy with this Pile dress! This shrink-free material is just perfect for traveling. Also might be the most bathroom-friendly sleep outfit.

3: Pajama [satin] [strawberry] shorts  [¥2,490]

I was totally heart-eyes over this sweet pajama set.
This is definitely the sweetest out of all kinds of their satin PJs. But navy one could be both cute and chic.

GU’s pajamas are not only cute and comfy but also affordable. Also, it would be a perfect gift for friends back home.
Let’s hit the snooze in GU’s PJs this summer!

Shop Information
GU Ginza Shop
Address: 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chūō, Ginza, 5 Chome−7−7
Phone: 03-6255-6141
Business Hours: 11: 00-9: 00 pm daily

GU Official Website
GU Official Twitter
GU Official Instagram

Photos by Rabi Cosuzu

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