Why Japanese Idol’s Bangs Don’t Get Messy? Secret Tips to Style Them Perfectly

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Why Japanese Idol’s Bangs Don’t Get Messy? Secret Tips to Style Them Perfectly

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As I was growing up in Japan, I had never thought it is an unusual thing having a bang all the time. But when I moved to the US when I was 15, I was the only girl with a bang in the class.

The bangs are incredibly popular in Japan. I would have to say that bangs are regarded as the default hairstyle for Japanese girls. We have been uploaded several articles on TGU about Japanese girls’ hair, especially their obsession with bangs.
When it comes to bangs, there is nobody superior to Japanese idols. Even though they dance and sing, running around the stage, they always keep their bangs intact, so the way they style them to get a lot of attention. The tutorial video is very popular with many people who want to know the concrete way of style them perfectly.

Akari Yoshida, a member of NMB 48 uploaded the latest her “bang video” in June 2018.
She uploaded side swept bangs tutorials before, but in the new video, she showed how she style “straight bangs”.

I’ve been following her career since she has just started making Youtube videos. Before she officially starts Youtube, she used to post 30-second videos on Twitter. Her short makeup and hair tutorials got a lot of attention and she got lots of compliments about those videos. One that got the most attention was “bang video”. Since it was only 30 seconds, she felt like she wanted to explain more about it. So how she got started in YouTube.
I think some of you haven’t watched the original video, so I would like to introduce the way she showed in the previous video.

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5 Basic Steps to Style Them Perfectly

1: Wet your bang with water.
This is how to get rid of a kink in the hair.


source: Photo AC

2: Blow dry your bang with a round brush.
3: Heat the curling iron up and roll your bang.


source: Photo AC

4: Use a comb and style your bang.
5: Apply hairspray to keep it intact.

So here’s her new bang video. Let’s see if there are any changes.

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Even though she had cut her bang straight, it is not a blunt. She said she thinned it out a little so that it looks more light and airy.
There are some changed parts such as she using straight iron instead of curling iron.


She uses a comb and straight iron at the same time so that she can make a neat curve.

Lastly, she applies hair wax to her bang this time before she applies hairspray to keep it intact.

Although there were several minor changes, the way she styles her bang is still very useful.
Her bang video is always at the top of the list.

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