Orange Rage: Taste The Heat at Harapeko Dining!

Orange Rage: Taste The Heat at Harapeko Dining!
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Livening up a shopping street with spicy foods? Shibakara-Gekikara Steet in Shiba shopping Street, which is a two-minute walk from Shibakoen Station, was born from such an outlandish idea. Harapeko Dining which is located in the center of this street also has their menu spicing up the Japanese popular lunch menu.

Although Harapeko Dining operates as a dining restaurant after the evening, it serves the lunch menu during the daytime too. The concept of this shop is “Treasure relief & deliciousness”. No doubt, they pay their respects to Wa, the Japanese traditional mind. On its menu, there is: Chicken Nanban with a really tasty tartar sauce, fried Japanese spring chicken with ponzu vinegar, ginger-fried pork, all with rice directly from Yamaguchi prefecture. All of these dishes are common items on a Japanese table. How does Harapeko Dining serve such spicy variations on such “normal-looking” food?


Reading the menu carefully, I found a sentence which read, “You can choose the level of spiciness, level one, level two, level two” below Chicken Nanban. So, in this restaurant, you can eat a super-hot Chicken Nanban. Mixed with the crunchy texture of its coating and the spicy sauce, it becomes extremely hot and delicious.


Of course, we ordered the super-hot Chicken Nanban. Waiting a while, it was carried out with full of spicy sauce. Pikarin (Hikari Shiina) and Kurumi Nakada were surprised to see it and said “We’ve never seen such a hot-looking Chiken Nanban!” They fearfully put it in their mouth and……said “Wow! It is so delicious, though it is too hot!!”

The hotness of its sauce and the mildness of the tartar sauce pair nicely with each other and when you bite into a piece, broth comes out so much that it is very filling.




We interviewed the general manager Hideki Osagawa and asked how they made up this exquisite tasty and hot Chicken Nanban. He told us that the secret is in the Bhut Jolokia used in this sauce. Using the hotness of this sauce that is twice as hot as jabanero and 200 times as hot as tabasco as an accent to this Japanese classic food, it surely represents the ”Harmonization of Japanese style with western style.” Though it is spicy, it is also palatable. Though it is painfully red in color, it is undeniably delicious. The super-hot and super-delicious Nanban Chiken, which never betrays the concept of the restaurant, can only be eaten at Harapeko Dining.

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Harapeko Dining
Address : NO Building 2F, 2-18-4 ,Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shiba-kōen
TEL : 03-6435-3713



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