≠ ME Nanaka Tomita Delivers Bright News! Her First Hometown Broadcast to be On Air!

地元鹿児島で初ロケ ≠ME 冨田菜々風が届ける明るいニュース
≠ ME Nanaka Tomita Delivers Bright News! Her First Hometown Broadcast to be On Air!

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The music video for “Kimi to Boku no Uta”, the brand-new song from ≠ME(not equal me) that is produced by Rino Sashihara, has been revealed.
The song will be included in =LOVE’s new single “CAMEO”. (The group is also produced by Rino Sashihara, and its release date is to be announced.)

The video comes with strong impression of the rape-colored costume worn by Nanaka Tomita, who serves as the center of ≠ME, and now, her collaboration with her hometown, Kagoshima, is making a bright topic.

It was announced that Nanaka Tomita will go around the place of her memories in KKB’s program “Kingspe” scheduled to be on air on May 1st. (*KKB = Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation)
To her glorious return to the hometown about one year after her joining the group, many fans are sending cheers via SNS.

KKB also supported the promise, Tomita herself mentioned during the SHOWROOM livecasting delivered on April 8th, that “I want to improve my manuscript reading”. The collaboration challenge that KKB provides some news manuscripts actually read in Kagoshima TV program for her and she deliver them as bright news through her personal SHOWROOM casting has also been realized.

The stuffed toy of KKB’s original character “Plappie”, who played a supporting role during the livecasting, is also attracting attention, and its origin words of abbreviation name, “plus happy”, gives us more fun under the current situation. In commemoration of the program broadcasting, a hashtag campaign has also started on twitter.

The feeling for hometown, the connection of hearts, spreads as hope in a new place. “I want to make fans smile,” she hopes, and we hope for a new future like her smile will come someday.
The active volcano “Sakurajima”, which is synonymous with Kagoshima, is said to have more than 1000 eruptions a year, but its grandeur is known as one of the most spectacular scenery in Japan. It seems that the day when ≠ ME’s popularity explodes will be near.


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[Release Date Postponed] Cameo / =LOVE
[Release Date Postponed] Cameo [CD+DVD / Type A]


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