Muse Jolyne Cujoh And Voice Actor Fairouz Ai Express Their Tough Resilience And Free Spirit Through Fashion

Muse Jolyne Cujoh And Voice Actor Fairouz Ai Express Their Tough Resilience And Free Spirit Through Fashion

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In commemoration of the broadcast of TV animation JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE Part6 Stone Ocean, the series’ main character Jolyne Cujoh appeared on the cover of the March issue of fashion magazine SPUR.

The first female protagonist in the hugely popular series made her debut in 2011 in a shocking scene that takes place in a prison surrounded by the American sea.

On the cover of the March issue of the fashion magazine SPUR, Jolyne Cujoh stands in the signature JoJo-dachi and is wearing the 2022 spring / summer collection commemorating Glenn Martins, the new creative director of DIESEL.

She is pictured wearing long denim boots under a short knit top and a sheer skirt.

She never gives up in the face of adversity and has a tough spirit inside printed with a graphical touch copyright.

Fairouz Ai, who plays Jolyne Cujoh in the anime, kicks off the pages with a runway look in Jolyne’s iconic colors, lime green, neon green makeup, and GUCCI bijoux.

To Fairouz, Jolyne Cujoh is a tough, loving, independent fighting woman.

While playing Jolyne, the similarities between the two are apparent as they create a new era, and style reminiscent of Jolyne ‘s “Stone Free” stand that’s not to be missed.

With every page, Jolyne’s expressions become a provocative symbol of living freely in a new age.

SPUR’s official YouTube channel, “SPUR TV,” is also featuring Mutsumi Tamura, who plays Ermes Costello as well as Mariya Ise, who plays the Foo Fighters, dressed up in costumes based on their characters. The content well represents the charm of the story.

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