Here are some of Tokyo’s favorite cities that active young girls often visit in their private lives.
In this series you’ll discover a vibrant Tokyo that can’t be found in ordinary guidebooks!

Let’s go to Shinjuku with Hikaru Kobayashi and Yu-ka Nihei from PINK CRES.!
PINK CRES.の小林ひかる、二瓶有加と新宿へ行こう!


The dance and vocal group PINK CRES., whose popularity has been growing, was formed with Hello! Project OG Miyabi Natsuyaki at the center.
This time, we will walk through Shinjuku, a town full of memories for PINK CRES. members Hikaru Kobayashi and Yu-ka Nihei.

(Yu-ka Nihei / 二瓶有加)

Nihei: Since my student days Shinjuku has always been the place to hang out in.
Also, the tour final of PINK CRES.’s first live tour will be at Shinjuku ReNY.
It’s a city full of memories both in private and business.

(Hikaru Kobayashi / 小林ひかる)

Kobayashi: I often come to Shinjuku for shopping. I think it’s a city that has everything you want to buy from high brands to affordable clothes, cosmetics, and home appliances.
There are many cafes, so it is here in Shinjuku where you can meet your friends from college.

The recommended spot of Hikaru Kobayashi is TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS.


TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS is a new entertainment spot where you can experience game events such as “Real Escape Game” where you solve puzzles and escape, and “Real Indoor Game” where you become a spy and perform missions.



Kobayashi: I got hooked on it when I went there with Risa Yamaki from Country Girls, who I am friends with even in my private life.
I thought that you need to be smart to play escape games and sneak in games, but it’s fun to use your body and improve your skill level once you get the hang of it. So I go there quite often in private! I think you can enjoy not only with your friends but also with your family!

There is also a cafe, so you can take a break!

You can also rent costumes at the current “The Magic Library’s Bizarre Encyclopedia”.

東京ミステリーサーカス 公式サイト:

The recommended spot of Yu-ka Nihei is Sanagi Shinjuku.


Sanagi Shinjuku is a cafe and creative space where events, food, and culture are transmitted from Shinjuku.
It is an eccentric spot where you can enjoy unique food shops themed on Asian and Japanese food stalls and many tourists visit.


Nihei: I often go with my friends in private. The inside of the shop is photogenic, so I get excited.
The food is delicious and good value for money!

サナギ東京 ウェブサイト:

Talk about the memories of Shinjuku


Kobayashi: It was also Shinjuku where we went out for the first time after we passed the audition of PINK CRES.. We took a Purikura.

Nihei: It was also Shinjuku where we went drinking together for the first time. After drinking, I took a Purikura after all haha. We talked about each other for the first time there.

Kobayashi: We don’t drink so many times just one on one, we always go to Shinjuku when I drink.

What kind of people are Hikaru Kobayashi and Yu-ka Nihei?


Nihei: My appearance is flashy so I often get called “Gal Nihei”, but I’m actually more of a gloomy indoor person. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently about crushing slime haha.
Actually, I don’t come from the local area very much. I recently bought a takoyaki machine, so I often invite my local friends to my house.
I also like to save money and buy things that look expensive but are cheap and reasonable.


Kobayashi: I like fashion. I auditioned for PINK CRES. because the concept was song, dance, and fashion!
I’m also in charge of rap at PINK CRES., so recently I started listening to rap songs. I like music, and I sing in the park with a friend who is singing and go to Shimokitazawa to watch a live concert by myself.
And when I went to the gym, I got hooked on building my muscles and squeezing them haha.

Nihei: Her upper arm muscles are amazing!



Nihei: PINK CRES. is 4 years old, and the live tour started on 7/27 (Sat).
The tour is titled “CONFUSION”. PINK CRES is a tour packed with songs from various genres, cute, cool, and mellow.

Kobayashi: We are making efforts to create a sense of unity so that customers and we can work together to create a single live performance. Even if you don’t know the song, you can still enjoy Miya-chan’s (Miyabi Natsuyaki) long-time fans.

Nihei: I want you to see what we’ve built over the last four years, and I want you to be excited so that you can look forward to it. I want it to come with me from now on.

Kobayashi: I think their individuality is getting stronger year by year. Everyone loves live music, and our individuality comes out in live music, so I want our fans to enjoy it as a group while showing our individual attractiveness.


August 17th (SAT) Kichijoji CLUB SEATA (Tokyo)
OPEN/START ①14:00 / 14:30 ②17:30 / 18:00
September 7th (SAT) ell.FITS ALL(Aichi)
OPEN/START ①14:00 / 14:30 ②17:30 / 18:00
September 8th (SUN) Shinyokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!(Kanagawa)
OPEN/START ①14:00 / 14:30 ②17:30 / 18:00
September 29th (SUN) Sendai space Zero (Miyagi)
OPEN/START ①14:00 / 14:30 ②17:30 / 18:00
October 14th (MON) Shinjuku ReNY(Tokyo)
OPEN/START ①14:00 / 14:30 ②17:30 / 18:00

LIVE TOUR 2019 Detail:



(RIGHT:Hikaru Kobayashi, MIDDLE:Miyabi Natsuyaki, LEFT:Yu-ka Nihei)

With Miyabi Natsuyaki at the center, the dance and vocal group was formed by Hikaru Kobayashi and Yu-ka Nihei who were chosen by auditions. We aim to be a fashionable girls group that not only men but also women will fall in love at first sight, and we give lessons every day.

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