Morph Into True Kirby Form In This Cute Lingerie And Loungewear Collection

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Morph Into True Kirby Form In This Cute Lingerie And Loungewear Collection

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Kirby is hands down one of the cutest characters of the Nintendo franchise, and he’s letting fans get a piece of his spunky charm in Kirby lingerie and loungewear from Peach John. The collection introduces 6 loungewear and accessory items, including a mini one piece dress so perfectly designed that it will make anyone look just like the adorable character himself!

This Kirby×Peach John collaboration comes just in time for Kirby’s 25th anniversary, and there really isn’t a better way for him to celebrate the occasion than by infiltrating the closets of gamers everywhere.

Mini One Piece Dress

Morph into Kirby’s pink spherical form in this similarly round one piece dress. Made of soft cotton, it’s the perfect loungewear to relax in at home, but we’d be pretty tempted to wear this out and show the whole world.


Kirby Underwear

For a slightly more discreet way of showing some Kirby love, the collection also includes comfy underwear in the design of Kirby and his recovery item Maxim Tomato.


Pajama Set

Those who’d rather stay in bed all day long might opt for this pink pajama set.



This cute little Kirby backpack will help hold any necessities when out on an errand.


Bustier Set

Always be prepared for battle in this fierce bustier set.


Sleep Mask

An essential item for nap-lovers, this eye mask will turn any sleepyhead into Kirby from the eye up.


The Kirby lingerie and loungewear collection will be heading to stores in Harajuku on April 22nd, but will be available online starting April 26th, just one day before Kirby’s birthday.

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