Waka Hirako’s Comic “My Broken Mariko” to be Adapted to Live Action Movie !!

Waka Hirako’s Comic “My Broken Mariko” to be Adapted to Live Action Movie !!

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Waka Hirako’s comic “My Broken Mariko” to be adapted to live-action movie.

A depressed office worker, Tomoyo Shiino learns of the death of her best friend, Mariko Ikagawa, in the news. Thinking that there was something he could do for Mariko, who had been abused by her father since she was a student, Shiino decides to take Mariko’s remains to save her soul. After stealing them from Mariko’s family home, Shiino goes on a journey with her.

The original comic was serialized in the online comic COMIC BRIDGE in 2019 and has been trending on social media every episode, attracting explosive responses and attention.

In the novel and dramatic story setting that takes the protagonist on a trip with her dead friend’s remains, the muddy realism and galloping pace of the story’s development is followed by the unanswered and grim questions about oneself, and the beautiful scenery that can be seen in ordinary times. Many readers also described Mariko calling out “Shii-chan,” as if she could see her now-defunct soul.

Completed in one volume.

Directed by Yuki Tanada from “One Million Yen Girl” and “Romance doll”. The script was written by director Tanada and Kosuke Mukai from “Gugyouroku” and “Piece of Cake.”

“In addition to acting ability, the actor’s own charming ability to carry heavy themes on her shoulders is essential for the work.”
The director cast Mei Nagano as the main character, Tomoyo Shiino.


“My Broken Mariko” will be released nationwide in the fall of 2022.

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