Let’s Make the Swan Heart in Inokashira Park!!

Let’s Make the Swan Heart in Inokashira Park!!
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Kichijoji is the newly developing area in Tokyo, where young people with interests in fashion, subculture, and underground culture come together. Now, Kichijoji is one of the biggest cultural towns in Tokyo.

Kichijoji is not only a place full of vibrant culture but is also known for its abundant nature. Just a short 10-minute walk from Kichijoji station is the spacious and green Inokashira Park with a giant lake in the middle of it.

One of the popular activities to do at Inokashira Park is to ride in the swan boats. Couples pedaling around the lake is a common sight, especially during the warmer months of the year.

However, this activity also carries with it an urban legend that says any couple who rides in the swan boats at Inokashira Park will break up shortly after. But, according to Mutsuko Sato, who is a Musashino City Film Commission of Urban Tourism Corporation, very few people pay attention to that rumor. Indeed, having tranquil time spent together in this big lake ruined by such a dark fantasy is nonsense.

Furthermore, Miss Sato gave us another bit of information. According to her, there is only one male swan boat and if a couple were to ride in it, they would never be broken up. Of course, that is also an urban legend.

Recent trends have lead young people come to Inokashira Park in pursuit of a certain romantic photo, using two swan boats, they attempt to make a Swan Heart photo to post on Instagram.

Seeing the picture of swan heart, Shibasaki-chan, Kurumi Nakata, and Ai Matsumoto, said “We WANNA try that!!” Asking a nearby couple who were taking a walk, they moved into their positions to make the Swan Heart, Shibasaki-chan and Ai paddling their boats toward each other as Kurumi gave them directions from a distance.


But, this is difficult. If the two boats do not overlap each other, there are are gaps between them. Cautiously, they moved closer to each other, and made the shape of a heart… They did it!! It’s the Swan Heart!!


The beautiful heart made by two swan boats. Inside of it was one lovely couple. Seeing this scene, they were very pleased!! This made for a very photogenic scene. This picture must get so many likes on social media!

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Inokashira Park
Address : 1-8-31, Gotenyama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo,
Nearest Station : Kichijoji
TEL : 0422-47-6900



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