The BANANA FISH Collaborations Just Keep Coming!!

The BANANA FISH Collaborations Just Keep Coming!!

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“BANANA FISH”, written by Akimi Yoshida, was serialized in “Bessatsu Shojo Comic” from 1985 to 1994.

Centering on its mysterious keyword “Bananafish”, the film is based on the bond between Ash, a street gang leader, and Eiji Okumura, a young Japanese man who worked as a cameraman’s assistant.

Even after the series’ conclusion, it has been loved as a timeless masterpiece for many years, including on the stage, and has become even more popular since being made into an animation in 2018.

Now even in 2022, the collaboration items will still keep on coming as the signature bright and stylish yellow continues to catch eyes everywhere.

【Collaboration campaign at Lawson convenience stores】

A collaboration campaign will be held at Lawson convenience stores nationwide from January 18 this year.

「BANANA FISH」The Stage Part 2 Commemorating the performance
Banana Chocolate Smoothie 6 Flavors (1 Mystery Flavor)

Banana Fish High-Chu with Card

Lawson Campaign Special page:

【Collaboration Manu at Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Shinagawa 】

Following its first series in 2020, Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant Shinagawa will offer its second collaboration course menu series from February 14 to May 13 with goods featuring illustrations by Hayashi Akemi along with cocktails and design bottle wine.
Reservations for seats can be made on the official website ( from 11:00 on January 20.

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant_2ndcollaboration001

This collaboration project features the story set in New York, with main characters Ash Lynx and Max Lobo, disguised as his father, eating at Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York’s main store.

In this second collaboration, three new course menus have been created, inspired by the characters Ash Lynx, Eiji Okumura, and Shorter Wong.

Original collaboration goods (acrylic stand/can badge/sticker of each course image character design) using exclusive illustrations are included in the course.

Manhattan Set(”Ash” image course)7,700yen
Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant_2ndcollaboration002

Grand Central Station Set(”Eiji” image course)7,700yen
Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant_2ndcollaboration004

Chinatown Set(”Shorter” image course) 7,700yenGrand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant_2ndcollaboration003

Two wines (Chablis/Sauvignon Blanc) with illustrations drawn on the bottle will be sold, and customers who order a cocktail will receive an original coaster (all three types)

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant_2ndcollaboration005

Akimi Yoshida Official site:

BANANA FISH ANIME Official site:

BANANA FISH the stage Official site:

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