Thank you Maiyan!! Mai Shiraishi’s Tear-jerking Graduation Concert !!

Thank you Maiyan!! Mai Shiraishi’s Tear-jerking Graduation Concert !!

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On October 28th, Nogizaka46 Mai Shiraishi‘s graduation concert “NOGIZAKA46 Mai Shiraishi Graduation Concert ~ Always beside you ~” was aired over a live stream.
Initially scheduled to be held at Tokyo Dome over 3 days in May, it was canceled in light of Covid-19, and was instead planned as a live streaming event with no audience.

An overloading of the server at the beginning led to a 30 minute delay, but eventually with an estimated total of 687,000 worldwide fans watching it became one of the greatest last performances of all time. The stream went on to dazzle the audience with a total of 23 songs performed by the whole team.

During the encore the fans showed their love for the ace of Nogizaka46, and as she looked back on her memories spanning 9 years and 2 months she delievered a message to the members and fans.


Mai Shiraishi Full Graduation Speech
“This is Mai Shiraishi.
Thank you to everyone who watched this performance today. I’ve been thinking about what to talk about over and over again since I decided to graduate. In the end, I couldn’t think of anything.

It’s been a lot of fun memories for me for the last nine years, and I’ve had pains, regrets, sadness, obstructions, and thought, “I’m not an idol, I may not be able to continue anymore. I thought about it so many times, but each time I was surrounded by me beloved members, as well as the fans and staff who all supported me.

I was able to do my best so till now because everyone was there, and everyone encouraged each other and talked to each other a lot, and everyone supported each other saying “It’s okay, let’s do our best”. As such I was able to continue in Nogizaka46 for 9 years. Thank you very much.

When today’s live started and the song began, I thought, “Oh, I have just a few more hours in Nogizaka46” and it felt so lonely, but in the end I decided I should do my best with a smile. And when I saw the laughing faces of the members and the people talking to each other and telling me to do my best together, I also wanted to make it the best live performance I’ve ever had. I’ve been running so far today, thinking that I should do my best because it will lead to a big step by looking forward rather than feeling lonely.


I love live performances, but I wasn’t good at singing and dancing, and I thought, “Can I sing properly? Can I dance properly? I worried over and over again and thought a lot, but the view I saw from the stage, the cheers of every fan, and those voices always saved me and gave me energy. I thought about how much fun it is to sing and dance, how much fun it is to perform live, and how I received so much power from everyone, so I thought I should return the favor with a wonderful performance.

So, it’s a pity that my last performance became a live stream and I can’t express my feelings directly. But I’m grateful to everyone who is watching to the end in front of me. I was just a girl who could do nothing, but thanks to the many fans who got me this far, thanks to my beloved members, I was able to overcome many things. I don’t know what to say, but I’m thankful and full of gratitude.

I got a lot of love, made a lot of wonderful memories, and grew as a person. I am proud that I was able to stay in Nogizaka46. Even after graduating, from now on I would like to continue looking and moving forward.


I’m excited about Nogizaka46’s future. I want everyone to enjoy it a lot, and when everyone has a hard time, I want everyone to support each other and hold hands, and I will continue to do so. I would like to support Nogizaka46 and see many of my favorite Nogizaka46 members again.

I had a lot of fun staying in Nogizaka46 for 9 years, and I’m really glad I joined Nogizaka46. I’ve spent a lot of time until today, but I thought, “Nogizaka46 is the best!” Yes, in the nine years up to today. I have a lot of memories. Thank you to everyone who supported us for about 9 years.”

“Mai Shiraishi Graduation Concert ~Always beside you~”Set List
M0: Overture
M1: Offshore Girl
M2: Oide Shampoo
M3: Seifuku no Mannequin
M4: Sekai de Ichiban Kodoku na Lover
M5: Guruguru Curtain
M6: Ushinaitakunai Kara
M7: Barrette
M8: Nigemizu
M9: Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemoii
M10: Tachinaorichu
M11: Gūzen o Iiwake ni Shite
M12: Dekopin
M13: Māiika?
M14: Ryusei Discotic
M15: Sekkachi na Katatsumuri
M16: Kikkake(Piano: Erika Ikuta)
M17: Shibuya Blues(with Kazumi Takayama Guitar: Sayuri Matsumura・Hazuki Mukai)
M18: Synchronicity
M19: Influencer
M20: Sayonara no Imi
M21: Girls’ Rule
EN1: Jyāne
EN2: Shiawase no Hogoshoku

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