Challenge the Aerial Silk in Nakameguro! The Exercise to Develop the Soft Sensual Side of a Woman.

Challenge the Aerial Silk in Nakameguro! The Exercise to Develop the Soft Sensual Side of a Woman.
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Previously, Shibasaki-chan took a hard exercise enjoying trampoline. This time, she challenged herself to Aerial Silk at Nakameguro town, which is a part of Tokyo that has a mature atmosphere in the town. Aerial Silk is a harder exercise than trampoline. How on earth can she work it out!?

This time, she visited Pole Dance Studio Polish that is 5 minutes away from Nakameguro Station with Kurumi Nakata and Ai Matsumoto. Polish, which also has a studio in Roppongi, is one of the biggest dance studios in Tokyo and recently was featured on TV program. Here in this studio, the instructor can so thoroughly teach the guest according to their ability level that even beginners can enjoy this activity. Of course, Shibasaki-chan, Kurumi, and Ai have never done it before so, an experienced instructor Anz coached them.




Miss Anz is an active Aerial Silk performer. Because of her excellent performances in various international contests, she is now well known abroad as well as in Japan. Furthermore, she used to be a professional dancer. In short, she is a very reliable instructor for the three beginners!

After checking in, they went into the studio where the all walls are mirrored. They looked nervous seeing the aerial tissues hanging from the ceiling. Before they began, Miss Anz gave a demonstration. They were moved by the punch in her performance that they were left speechless. Kurumi was so worried that she commented, ‘We cannot move like this!’

They went through the stretching exercises under the instruction of Miss Anz. Stretching the body is necessary because they would be taking on the challenge of very hard exercise. However, Shibasaki-chan’s body was so stiff…We’re getting a glimpse of tough things to await her (laugh).


After the stretching, finally, they attempted the Aerial Silk. Though they were bewildered by touching the tissue which they had never felt before, Miss Anz kindly gave them the instructions. Gradually, Kurumi and Ai climbed up and hung from the fabric. They were remarkably composed and flexible. On the other hand, Shibasaki-chan was unable to rotate and turn over like them. Though, thanks to Miss Anz, they managed to do a basic performance of Aerial Silk. Finally, they held a pose in front of the camera.





Aerial Silk was born in France and it is a familiar performance even shown in Cirque du Soleil, drawing a great deal of global attention. Polish, where you can challenge the Aerial Silk freely, has been recruiting new members. Why don’t you develop your graceful feminine charms with Aerial Silk?

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Photos by Mayuko Yamaguchi

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Pole & Aerial Studio Polish
Address : Mori Building 3F, 1-6-5, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Nakameguro
TEL : 03-5412-2555



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